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David Lu

David Lu, founder & COO of Ventnostics, is a Biomedical Engineering student at Johns Hopkins University


"The Ignite Fund offers Hopkins student entrepreneurs access to funding throughout the academic year. The fund’s purpose is to support discrete tasks that will help move a venture forward. In focusing funding this way, we hope to provide student ventures access to capital at key moments."

Debora Heller

The International Saliva Summit Of India (SALSI) will take place from January 29th to January 31th 2021, online.


"SALSI is a first of its kind interdisciplinary international meet in India that focuses on immense potential of saliva as a disease diagnostic tool, saliva therapeutics and saliva biomarker research on a global perspective. It shows newer pathways in applications of molecular genetics and genomic technologies in daily diagnosis and research, brings to you live demonstration of latest saliva collection tools, point of care devices and saliva therapeutics."


"Ventnostics, a biomedical engineering company founded by Fulbright alum Randy Espinal (Dominican Republic, 2007-10), is developing a cheap, fast, easy-to use COVID-19 saliva test.

We spoke to Randy Espinal about Ventnostics and their progress so far."

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